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STEEL STRUCTUR PLANET SPORTSE Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing, installing, selling steel structures and undertaking various kinds of steel structures.Our main product ranges have H beam, C and Z shape steel purlins, color steel panels, sandwich panels, steel pipe and so on.

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    SUPPLY CHAIN and LOGISTICS TERMS and GLOSSARY Updated February, 2010 Please note:The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) does not take responsibilityfor the content of these definitions and doesnot endorse theseas officialRead More

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Steel Structure Drawing

Steel Structure Material

Item Name Materials Characteristics Material Grade Surface Treatment
Steel Column H shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheet Q235B,Q345B Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel beam H shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheet Q235B,Q345B Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel Bracing Steel Rod,Steel Pipe,Angle Steel Q235B,Q345B Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel Purlin C or Z purlins(Thickness1.8mm~3.0mm) Q235B,Q345B Hot dip Galvanized
External Wall panels,Roof panels Single colorful corrugate steel sheet,sandwich panels with EPS,Rock wool,PU. Galvanized Steel+Painting Alu-zin 150g,Fluorocarbon pain
Steel buildings Door Slidding or Rolling door Steel or Aluminum sheet Paint or Hot dip galvanized
Steel buildings Windows Aluminum alloy-Glass,Aluminum alloy-shutter T=1.0-2.0mm Alloy
Skylighting panels FRP T=1.5mm-1.8mm Coefficient of thermal expansion:2.2x10-5/cm Light Tranmitar 85%
Ventilator Turbine ventilator on a ridge Steel,Stainless steel ,PC Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Gutter Galvanized steel plate,Stainless steel plate T=2.0mm Hot dip galvanized
Downpipe PVC pipe,color steelpipe Y=0.5mm Dia110mm paint
Hight Bolt Ordinary ,High strength 10.9S,4.8S Hot dip galvanized,Steel
Ground bolts Steel RodM24,M27,M30,M33,M39,M42 10.9S Steel

Steel Structure Material





Column and Beam

Q345 or Q235 H section steel ( painted or galvanized)


Wall&Roof Purlin

C or Z section steel, size from c120~C320, z100~Z200(galvanized)


Wall&Roof Panel 

colorful corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panels (eps, rockwool, fiber glass, pu etc.)



steel angle, steel pipe, steel round bar.



sliding sandwich panel door or rolling metal door



pvc or aluminum alloy windows



anchor bolt, high strengthen bolt, normal Bolt, skylight Belts, ventilators, gutter, down pipe, etc.

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