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STEEL STRUCTUR PLANET SPORTSE Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing, installing, selling steel structures and undertaking various kinds of steel structures.Our main product ranges have H beam, C and Z shape steel purlins, color steel panels, sandwich panels, steel pipe and so on.

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Ventilation Cooling System for House

  • Ventilation Systems for Cooling Department of Energy

    Ventilation Systems for Cooling Principles of Heating and Cooling. Understanding the roles of conduction, convection, radiation, Avoiding Heat Buildup. Keeping the outside heat outside, avoiding heat generating activities, Natural Ventilation. In some parts of the United States, natural Read More

  • Whole House Ventilation Department of Energy

    Whole House Ventilation Comparison of Whole House Ventilation Systems. Work well in cold climates. Exhaust Ventilation Systems. Exhaust ventilation systems work by depressurizing your home. Supply Ventilation Systems. Supply ventilation systems use a fan to pressurize your homeRead More

  • Exhaust Ventilation SystemsExhaust ventilation systems work by depressurizing your home. The system exhausts air from the house while make up air infiltrates through leaks inSupply Ventilation SystemsSupply ventilation systems use a fan to pressurize your home, forcing outside air into the building while air leaks out of the building through holBalanced Ventilation SystemsBalanced ventilation systems, if properly designed and installed, neither pressurize nor depressurize your home. Rather, they introduce and exhaustEnergy Recovery Ventilation SystemsEnergy recovery ventilation systems provide a controlled way of ventilating a home while minimizing energy loss. They reduce the costs of heating v
  • Whole House Fans Ventilation The Home Depot

    Natural ventilation cooling system using modern technology and Natural ventilation cooling system using modern technology and engineering. Installing a modern whole house fan by QuietAir Fans can significantly reduce your air conditioning bills.Read More

  • Forget ACCool Your Home Naturally Mother Earth News

    Jun 16, 2019 · Finally, you can enhance the effectiveness of cross ventilation by naturally cooling the air before it enters your home. Shade, plantings or water (in arid climates), in the form of a pond, fountain or mister, all can remove heat from the air.Read More

  • Types of Cooling Systems Smarter House

    Types of Cooling Systems Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps. Central air conditioners and heat pumps are designed to cool the entire house. In each system, a large compressor unit located outside drives the process; an indoor coil filled with refrigerant cools air that is then distributed throughout the house via ducts.Read More

  • Ventilation and Cooling Systems for Animal Housing – Farm

    Apr 03, 2019 · Ventilation and Cooling Systems for Animal Housing by Scott Sanford, Senior Extension Specialist, University of Wisconsin, gives an overview ofbox fans, high volume low speed fans, thermostats, sprikler systems, and variable speed fans. Ventilation for Warm Confinement Livestock Buildings Overview of ventilation requirments for different types of livestock, by Joseph M. Read More

  • Cooling Systems Smarter House

    The whole house fan can be turned on as soon as the outdoor temperature drops about three degrees below the indoor temperature, for example, in the evening. The fan speed should be adjusted according to how quickly you want to cool the house down. Mechanical ventilation uses far less electricity than mechanical air conditioning.Read More

  • No Central AC, No ProblemSix Ways to Keep Your Home

    Main Advantages. No extra cooling costs. The level to level ventilator fan (shown) moves existing cool air from one level (from the basement or a mini split system, for example) to another level of the house through an adjustable sleeve installed through the floor/ceiling. A ventilator fan can blow conditioned Read More

  • AuthorTessa Miller
  • Getting the most from evaporative cooling systems in

    heat removal and cooling. A cooling system for a house that is growing 4 pound birds is a very different design situation from a house that is growing 7 or 8 pound roasters. A heat balance should be calculated for a house before it is built, to make sure the ventilation and EC systems can do the job we want.Read More

  • Whole House Fans An Affordable Solution for Home Cooling

    A whole house fan is a ventilation cooling system that uses less energy than a traditional air conditioner. This energy efficient system works by pulling cooler air from the outside of the home and bringing it into the inside.Read More

  • What Is A Whole House Fan?A whole house fan is a ventilation cooling system for the home that uses less energy than a traditional air conditioner. This energy efficient systHow to Use A Whole House FanTo cool the home, homeowners run the whole house fan when it’s cooler outdoors than indoors, which is usually in the early morning or evening timeHistory of Whole House FansWhole house fans are not new! They have been around since the 1960s, and there have been several generational changes to the technology.There are tWhat Is An Advanced Whole House Fan?First introduced in the early 2000s, advanced whole house fans, also known as “ducted whole house fans”, is a brand new design that perfected the oWhat Is A Traditional Whole House Fan?Traditional whole house fans are the original whole house fans that originated in the southern United States as a cheap alternative to A/C.TraditioWhat Is A Mini Ceiling Mounted Whole House Fan?In the early 1990s, the mini ceiling mounted whole house fan was created. They are very similar to a traditional whole house fan but are much smallWhat Size Whole House Fan Do I Need?Size is very important to a whole house fan system. If a whole house fan system is not sized properly, meaning enough airflow, the system will notHow Much Attic Venting Is Required For A Whole House Fan?Once the correct system size is determined, based on the sizing principles above, the amount of attic venting required can be calculated. AdequateCan A Whole House Fan Keep My Home Healthier?One of the best kept secrets about whole house fans is help preventing sickness during the cold and flu season. During the colder months of the yeaAre Whole House Fans Required in New Homes?In 2013, California updated the Title 24 building codes to make whole house fans a prescriptive requirement in all new homes in climate zones 8 14,
  • How Home Ventilation Works HomeTips

    Nov 22, 2016 · Eave vents are typically circular shaped vents are commonly added to a house to improve attic ventilation. They sit under the eaves, between the rafters, and run along two sides of the house. Rafter vent. A rafter vent works in coordination with intake and exhaust vents. These keep attic insulation from blocking airflow from soffit and eave vents to the upper exhaust vents.Read More

  • Greenhouse Ventilation and Cooling Greenhouse

    Greenhouse Ventilation and Cooling Fan and Pad Evaporative Cooling Systems. The most commonly used evaporative cooling system used in greenhouses is the fan and pad evaporative cooling system (See Figures 5.5 and 5.6). With this type of system, exhaust fans are placed in one wall of the greenhouse and pads are in the opposite wall.Read More

  • Cooling Systems Smarter House

    Cooling Systems. Energy consumption for home air conditioning accounts for more than 8% of all the electricity produced in the U.S. for all purposes, at a cost to homeowners of over $15 billion. That amount of electricity results in the release of roughly 196 million metric tons of carbon dioxideRead More

  • Ventilation System

    The controller can be mounted on the side where you can see and adjust it. The fan is near silent and the mounting plate is big enough to make cutting the hole easy, and the power and fan leads were long enough for my setup. Another beautiful thing is the ability to add just another fan if Read More

  • Home VentilationWhole House Humidifiers vs. Portable

    Jul 20, 2017 · Even homes in temperate climates that rely on natural ventilation for cooling use mechanical “spot ventilation” to remove excess air pollutants and moisture at the source. For example, your home ventilation system may be natural, but you most likely have range hoods in your kitchen and exhaust fans in your bathroom.Read More

  • Ventilation and heat recovery systems Smarter Homes

    Whole house ventilation and heat recovery systems. balanced pressure or heat recovery ventilation systems. Don’t pump damp or contaminated air from your roof into your house. Hazard noteHome ventilation systems should under no circumstances be installed in dwellings with roof claddings that contain asbestos.Read More

  • Fresh Air Systems Broan

    FRESH AIR WHEREVER YOU LIVE. That’s why proper ventilation is so important. Broan Fresh Air Systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of fresh indoor air to protect your house or business—and keep the people who are important to you healthy! A trusted name in ventilation since 1932, Broan offers a full range of energy efficient ventilationRead More

  • Ventilation Installation Cost Fixr

    What is a whole house ventilation system? Whole house ventilation pushes the air in your home into the attic, then directs the air outside, creating positive pressure through the house, which pulls in fresh air and lowers humidity and temperature.Read More

  • Tiny House HVAC

    Jan 30, 2015 · HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Mini splits and window units are two main ways people usually heat and cool a tiny house. Mini splits are my favorite way to heat and cool a tiny house. They are less obtrusive than window units, while being more energy efficient to operate.Read More

  • Passive cooling Wikipedia

    Ventilation as a natural cooling strategy uses the physical properties of air to remove heat or provide cooling to occupants. In select cases, ventilation can be used to cool the building structure, which subsequently may serve as a heat sink.Read More

  • Passive cooling YourHome

    Hybrid cooling systems are whole house cooling solutions that employ a variety of cooling options (including air conditioning) in the most efficient and effective way. They take maximum advantage of passive cooling when available and make efficient use of mechanical cooling systems Read More

  • Natural Ventilation Design for Houses in Thailand

    This paper explores the potential of using natural ventilation as a passive cooling system for new house designs in Thailand. The characteristics of past and present Thai houses are analyzed in terms of climate, culture, and technology. Based on the thermal comfortRead More

  • Published inEnergy and Buildings · 2001AuthorsChalermwat Tantasavasdi · Jelena Srebric · Qingyan ChenAffiliationThammasat University · Pennsylvania State University · Massachusetts Institute of TeAboutFlow velocity · Computer simulation · Systems design · Thermal comfort · Passive coo
  • Greenhouse Ventilation & Cooling Systems Rimol Store

    Cooling and Ventilation. Proper greenhouse ventilation and cooling begins and ends with the structure’s overall designif your greenhouse does not carry the necessary outlets for cooling and ventilation, temperature control becomes an issue, and that could lead to a poor harvest.Read More

Steel Structure Drawing

Steel Structure Material

Item Name Materials Characteristics Material Grade Surface Treatment
Steel Column H shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheet Q235B,Q345B Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel beam H shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheet Q235B,Q345B Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel Bracing Steel Rod,Steel Pipe,Angle Steel Q235B,Q345B Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel Purlin C or Z purlins(Thickness1.8mm~3.0mm) Q235B,Q345B Hot dip Galvanized
External Wall panels,Roof panels Single colorful corrugate steel sheet,sandwich panels with EPS,Rock wool,PU. Galvanized Steel+Painting Alu-zin 150g,Fluorocarbon pain
Steel buildings Door Slidding or Rolling door Steel or Aluminum sheet Paint or Hot dip galvanized
Steel buildings Windows Aluminum alloy-Glass,Aluminum alloy-shutter T=1.0-2.0mm Alloy
Skylighting panels FRP T=1.5mm-1.8mm Coefficient of thermal expansion:2.2x10-5/cm Light Tranmitar 85%
Ventilator Turbine ventilator on a ridge Steel,Stainless steel ,PC Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Gutter Galvanized steel plate,Stainless steel plate T=2.0mm Hot dip galvanized
Downpipe PVC pipe,color steelpipe Y=0.5mm Dia110mm paint
Hight Bolt Ordinary ,High strength 10.9S,4.8S Hot dip galvanized,Steel
Ground bolts Steel RodM24,M27,M30,M33,M39,M42 10.9S Steel

Steel Structure Material





Column and Beam

Q345 or Q235 H section steel ( painted or galvanized)


Wall&Roof Purlin

C or Z section steel, size from c120~C320, z100~Z200(galvanized)


Wall&Roof Panel 

colorful corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panels (eps, rockwool, fiber glass, pu etc.)



steel angle, steel pipe, steel round bar.



sliding sandwich panel door or rolling metal door



pvc or aluminum alloy windows



anchor bolt, high strengthen bolt, normal Bolt, skylight Belts, ventilators, gutter, down pipe, etc.

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